From Leaders weekend in 2007 to Marriage now

1 October 2012

In September 2007 the Leaders of the 1st Byfleet Scout Group enjoyed a weekend under canvass at the Ferny Croft Scout Camp Site in the New Forest. Amongst those present was the Cub Leader Scott Barden and his parent helper Jenny Tanner. Little did we know then that this was the beginning of a blossoming relationship. Scott says that this camp taught him not only how to tie knots but also how to find the north Star. Sometime later whilst standing together under a canopy of stars and watching shooting stars that he imparted this knowledge to other would be astronomers in the Moroccan desert, he also then made his mind up that this relationship was built in heaven and that one day he would marry Jenny. At St Mary’s Church in Oatlands on Sunday 30 September the knot was tied between them. All in the Scout Group wish them the very best for their future together.