Scouts & Leaders Survive Survival Camp!

3 October 2012

During the last weekend of September, five intrepid scouts and three leaders set off on a mission to survive a night out in the wilds of Horsell Common. This ‘back to basics’ expedition, organised by Rik (Leopard Scouts) started with a gentle three mile hike to the site. After collecting wood for the fire, the scouts got to work setting up their sleeping accommodation – tarpaulin sheets and bivouac bags. With a good fire going, the scouts and leaders were then able to enjoy the highlight of the camp – boil in the bag ready meals! After a few songs and jokes around the fire it was time for bed. The warm sun during the day led to a brightly moonlit night which got a bit chilly, but as you would expect our scouts were suitably prepared.

The fire was revived in the morning for a hearty porridge breakfast. With the fire out and shelters packed away it was time to hike to the pick-up point, leaving only what all good scouts should leave behind at the site – our footprints.

We are pleased to report that all the scouts and leaders survived the survival camp and had a great time into the bargain. Well done to all the scouts for completing the adventure and to Rik for making it happen.