Supermarket Bagpacking a Great Fundraiser

10 December 2013


Dear Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders and our Woking Jamboree team,

Firstly I would like to thank everyone that gave up their time to help out
with the bag packing today… We had an AMAZING 58 young people and 8
Leaders helping through the day, which was absolutely fantastic.

It meant that every till was covered at all times, and even allowed small
groups to collect donations in the entrance areas as well.
All of our young people behaved beautifully and the M & S staff and
customers were very complimentary of you too, so WELL DONE ALL OF YOU.

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for…. It got off to a very slow start with
the customers, but your hard work was proven by the total amount in
donations received, which came to a truly wonderful………
Wait for it!…..

You won’t believe it!….

We are sharing this 50/50 with the Woking Jamboree team so that means they
kick off their fundraising today with £557.55 🙂
They are attending an international event so they can also have the 2 USA
Cents, 10 Euro Cents, 5 Brazilian Tavos and 50 Polish Groszy which was also
in the pot!

Well done all – now go and put your feet up for a well deserved rest.

Kind Regards,
Linda Plunkett

Group Scout Leader – 1st Byfleet Scout Group