The constitution of 1st Byfleet Scout Group (the Group) is based on the guidance found within the Scout Association Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR). The purpose of the Group is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. The Scout Method provides an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training, based on the Scout Promise and Law, which is guided by adult leadership. The Group is led by a Group Scout Leader and managed by a Group Executive Committee. They are accountable to the members and supporters of the Group.


The decision to admit anyone to membership of the Group rests with the Group Scout Leader. The Group Scout Leader will generally delegate responsibility for admissions to the Leader in charge of the Section concerned, but in exceptional circumstances may refer to the Executive Committee for guidance.

The Group consists of Beaver Scout Colonies, Cub Scout Packs and Scout Troops. An Explorer Scout Unit is attached to the Group on an informal basis.

No person applying for membership will be treated less favourably on the grounds of their sex, race, colour, racial group, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, age, religious belief or physical or mental disability.


The Group must hold an Annual General Meeting within six months of the financial year end to:-

  • Approve the Annual Report of the Group Executive Committee, including the annual statement of accounts;
  • Approve the Group Scout Leader’s nomination of the Group Chairman and nominated members of the Group Executive Committee;
  • Elect a Group Secretary and Group Treasurer;
  • Elect certain members of the Group Executive Committee;
  • Appoint an auditor or independent examiner.
  • Executive Committee

    The role of the Executive is to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of his/her appointment. The Group Scout Leader nominates the Chairman but a Scouter should not hold the appointment. The appointment is approved by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Every effort should be made to find a Chairman. Only in extreme circumstances may the Group Scout Leader act as Chairman for a short period.

    The Group Secretary and Group Treasurer are elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting every year. Neither appointment may be held by a Scouter.

    The Executive Committee is responsible for: –

    • Maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment
    • Raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finance
    • Insurance of persons, property and equipment
    • Group public occasions
    • Assisting with the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support
    • Health and safety

    The Group Executive Committee consists of: –

    • The Group Chairman;
    • The Group Secretary;
    • The Group Treasurer;
    • The Group Scout Leader;
    • The Assistant Group Scout Leader;
    • All Section Leaders or their warranted representative;
    • The Explorer Scout Leader
    • Nominated Members

    These are persons nominated by the Group Scout Leader. The nominations must be approved at the Annual General Meeting and the number of nominated members must not exceed the number of elected members.

    • Elected Members

    These are persons elected at the Group Annual General Meeting. These should normally be four to six in number and the actual number must be the subject of a resolution by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

    • Co-opted Members

    These are persons co-opted annually by the Group Executive Committee. The number of co-opted members must not exceed the number of elected members.

    The District Commissioner and the District Chairman have the right of attendance at meetings of the Group Executive Committee. Ideally, between the nominated members, elected members and co-opted members, the Group Executive should include a parent of at least one Member of each of the Sections in the Group.

    The Group Executive Committee may establish any sub-Committees that it deems necessary. The Group Scout Leader and the Group Chairman will be ex officio members of any sub-Committee of the Group Executive Committee.

    Any fund raising committee must include at least two members of the Group Executive Committee, in addition to the ex officio members. No Section Leader or Assistant Leader may serve on such a fund raising sub-Committee.

    The Group is an educational charity. Members of the Group Executive Committee are the charity trustees of the Scout Group. Certain people are disqualified from being charity trustees by virtue of the Charities Acts. Charity trustees are responsible for complying with all the legislation applicable to charities.

    The Leaders Group

    Membership of the Leaders Group consists of the Group Scout Leader as chairman, all Section Leaders, Assistant Leaders and registered helpers. The role of the Leaders Group is to: –

    • Consider the well-being and development of each Member of the Group;
    • Ensure the progress of each Member through the programme;
    • Plan and co-ordinate all the Group’s activities;
    • To keep the Group Executive Committee advised of the financial and other resource requirements.

    Conduct of Meetings

    Only members (as defined within POR) may vote at the Annual General Meeting. Only members of the Group Executive Committee as described above may vote in Group Executive Committee meetings . Decisions are made by a majority of votes cast by those present at the meeting. In the event of an equal number of votes being cast on either side the chairman does not have a casting vote and the matter is taken not to have been carried. The quorum for Executive Committee meetings will be fifty percent of the current post holders but a minimum of five, which must include at least one elected member.

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